Great Dane by Kate Denton

Great Dane Commission

This commission for a life sized Great Dane was installed in March.    This portrait was special to me as I had a much-loved Great Dane myself back in my 20’s.   He is now installed on a hill overlooking and guarding his owners’ house. I am especially pleased with the lovely blue / grey patina.

Wildflower Globe Commission

This lattice globe commission was for a slightly larger globe with a diameter of 80cm rather than 60cm I normally use (which seems like a small change but doubles the surface area). This globe was designed for a meadow where, in summer, it will rise above a swathe of native wild flowers. The modelling includes bronze foxgloves, poppies, cow parsley and a wide range of other wild flowers as well as dragonflies, bees, butterflies and ladybirds.

Koi Carp Globe Commission

In November we installed a globe sculpture where the latticework consisted of 8 Koi carp linked by ripples of water and water lilies.  The sculpture was installed in a modern house in Madrid and the client requested a light to be placed inside the plinth.  The effect of this is that it casts beautiful shadows onto the surrounding walls and cantilevered covered area leading to the front door.