COVID-19 Auction

Auction of “On the Edge” bronze sculpture on behalf of

Barts Charity Emergency COVID 19 Appeal

to support 16,000 NHS staff including those at the NHS London Nightingale Hospital

Covid-19 auction NHS

We all have huge reason to be grateful to the NHS – and never more so than now.

In order to help Barts Charity support its 16,000 frontline staff, which include those in the NHS Nightingale Hospital in London, I am auctioning “On the Edge” one of the casts of a bronze sculpture which I made in 2018.

The piece was part of a wider exhibition of 16 sculptures and associated drawings based around the myth of Icarus.  This was my reflection on the human condition and, coincidentally, produced as my own reaction to the extraordinary care I received from the NHS in 2011 when I made a seemingly miraculous recovery from cancer due to some extraordinary treatment and care.

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The piece was conceived as a comment on how mankind’s ambition always oversteps his abilities leading to disappointment and failure, and hence Icarus’s wings disintegrate as he flies too close to the sun, leading to its original title of “Burning Ambitions”.  However, in the current context it is also a powerful evocation of the stresses and pressures we are putting the frontline NHS staff under, with nurses so often being portrayed as “angels” in the media.  However, they are human too and these pressures are inflicting a heavy physical and mental toll on them.

This is the right sculpture to auction, renamed “On the Edge” for this cast.

The details of the sculpture are:

Sculpture Dimensions  – 38cm high ; 32cm wide ; 13cm deep.

Base Dimensions – 19.5cm wide ; 12cm deep

Medium  – Cast bronze with gold leaf detail on wing edges.  Slate base.

Weight – 6kg

Series – Series of 12.  Auctioned copy number 10/12

Retail Price  – £3,500.

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