Seasons & Shadows an exhibition with Ray Connelly and Kate Denton

“SEASONS & SHADOWS” An exhibition with Roy Connelly

The next exhibition at Lavenham Hall will be “Seasons & Shadows” – an exhibition of paintings by Roy Connelly with Kate’s sculptures.  Roy is Suffolk based and paints in the open air – “En Plein Air” – working quickly to capture the light and atmosphere of what he sees in front of him.  Most of his work is completed in a single sitting and his subject matter includes both local landscapes and vistas further afield. The exhibition will run from Saturday September 16th to Sunday September 24th with a preview party on Friday September 15th. Attached is a link to an article about Roy’s work in the recent art press.  Click Here

East Anglian Times an artlcle on Kate Denton

Major Article in East Anglian Daily Times

We are delighted that the East Anglian Daily Times – the regional paper that covers all East Anglia – has picked up on the forthcoming “Burning Ambitions”  exhibition which will show my Icarus work.  Their preliminary article was just published – see the attached link – and they will be doing a major review of the exhibition to coincide with the exhibition’s launch in May 2018.


East Anglian Daily Times – Kate Denton Article


Dare to Dream by Kate Denton

“Dare to Dream” installed at Lavenham Hall

“Dare to Dream” is the figurehead sculpture of my Icarus series of some 12 sculptures and 20 drawings that I will be showing for the first time in May 2018.

It is the most technically difficult sculpture I have ever attempted.  0.7 tons of bronze seem to lean forward to the point where his only option is to fly.  All this is balanced on his tip toes.  It has fulfilled all my hopes and expectations.  A huge thanks to Livingstone Art Founders for their work in bringing it to fruition.